10 Tips for Making Money on Medium: My Secret Recipe

How I make $1,000+ per month writing on Medium

Danny Sapio
9 min readOct 18, 2021


I published my first article on Medium on October 18th, 2017 — exactly four years ago today. In that time, I’ve learned a lot and watched the platform evolve into what it is today.

After spending loads of time on Medium and paying attention to trends, writing, and reader behavior, I’m confident that anyone can succeed on Medium. And not just in the monetary sense, I believe that everyone has something valuable to share that will enrich the lives of others.

Take it from me — I didn’t have a following, I’m not the strongest writer, I’m hardly a savvy marketer, and I was only 21 when I started writing on Medium. Still, though, I’m able to earn a sizable side income from Medium, and I frequently receive messages from readers saying thank you and that my articles have helped them.

How I got started and how much I’ve earned

I didn't earn a dime for my first five months on Medium (honestly, I don’t think I even knew you could). I was still getting in the game and getting in position.

However, in 2018 I joined the Medium partner program and made a whopping $3.29 in April of 2018.

Stripe earnings report for 2018

Things started slow — in the entire year of 2018, I received a meager $74.86 of partner earnings. Though, at the time, I was pretty stoked about making anything at all.

Once gaining familiarity with Medium, I took things more seriously and tested the platform with various types of content to find my footing. By 2019 I was beginning to see some serious traction and earned a respectable $2,562.94 in the year.

Fast forward to last year, 2020, and I earned $13,719.55 from Medium alone, not including earnings from syndicated articles — enough to pay an entire year’s rent!

Stripe earnings report for 2020

How Making Money on Medium…



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