Danny Sapio
Co-Founder @ confettihabits.com & Senior Product Designer @ Method — Dannysapio.com

I published my first article on Medium on October 18th, 2017 — exactly four years ago today. In that time, I’ve learned a lot and watched the platform evolve into what it is today.

After spending loads of time on Medium and paying attention to trends, writing, and reader behavior…

Typography involves so much more than choosing a great font. When used effectively, it can enhance usability, readability, accessibility, and hierarchy within an interface. In this piece, I’ll share some tips and industry-standard principles for using type like a pro in a UI.

1. Typography Terminology

Typography terminology creates the foundation of our…

An illustration with a diverse set of people including a blind woman, a sikh man, a doctor, and several different women.
Monica Feng designed this original illustration for this article.

I wrote this article to help designers, product owners, product managers, UXers, developers, and anyone else to craft more inclusive product experiences.

It’s normal to approach design through the lens of our own perspective, believing our experiences reflect those of everyone else. …

Danny Sapio

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