Day 30 of My New Morning Routine, I Feel Amazing

“Win the morning, win the day.”

1. Wake up and check my phone (1-5 minutes)

Checking my phone first is the only part of my routine that I’m not entirely proud of but I’ve found that it works for me. I’m sure every expert will tell you that checking your phone first thing in the morning is a poor decision for your mental clarity but I found the opposite.

2. I make my bed and tidy my room (2–5 minutes)

Having a neat and tidy bedroom doesn’t come naturally to me but I don’t think anyone will argue that having a messy room feels more satisfying than a clean one. Making my bed and cleaning my room makes everything feel in order and less cluttered, which frees up a lot of mental space for me. I can relax in my room when I’m ready and not have to worry about a mess awaiting me when I come home in the evening.

3. I meditate (10–15 minutes)

I’ve meditated on and off since spending a month in Bali at the end of 2016. At times I can feel like I’m being held hostage by my own thoughts — meditation allows me to free up mental space and stop the noise. Turning off the noise, or constant stream of thoughts for a period of time makes it easier for me to think more freely throughout the day. It also helps me appreciate moments and not live in the past or future.

4. I journal (10–15 minutes)

I used to have tiny notebooks that I wrote thoughts, feelings, and experiences in, but usually my hand would get tired before I could finish a full thought. I now use — it’s a great free tool that lets you save any informal writing. Spelling errors aren’t even corrected, it’s simply a free-form writing tool that adds some time & date stamps as well as location. It allows me to organize my journal entries in one private place but any other writing software would work too.

5. Affirmations & appreciation (3–5 minutes)

I read a set of daily affirmations and a list of what I’m thankful for every morning. These are mainly for financial, spiritual, and personal abundance in my life. I used to be skeptical about affirmations (after reading Think & Grow Rich), but I’ve realized that positive self-talk has a huge impact on how I perceive myself and how I present myself to the world.

6. Go to the gym and exercise (45–60 minutes)

Working out before starting my workday allows me to get pumped up and get my endorphins flowing. Endorphins trigger a positive feeling in my body and mind that gives me a really good natural high after a solid workout. Working out is my favorite part of my morning routine because it gives me the energy I need to get my day going and it feels great to pump some iron and release any unneeded stress or tension.

  • Tuesday: Chest, Triceps
  • Wednesday: Legs
  • Thursday: Off day
  • Friday: Abs, Core
  • Saturday: Shoulders
  • Sunday: Off day
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