Hey Petr,

First off — thanks for reading! I completely understand where you’re coming from and maybe I didn’t outline my intentions clearly enough in this piece so that’s my bad.

I’ve shared my work with Papyrus and hope to use this as a way of engaging further with them to share my design skills and expertise.

I would advise not to do what I did in this exercise mostly because since it’s an unsolicited redesign I’m rolling the dice on whether the non-profit will use my work or not. But I was mostly doing this as a fun exercise that took less than two days to complete. In the future, I’ll be more proactive about my approach to ensure it IS actually going to get used and helps the organization that I intend it to.

I will certainly be doing more though, so stay tuned!

Co-Founder @ confettihabits.com & Senior Product Designer @ Skookum — Dannysapio.com

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