How I launched and sold my startup in less than a year

How I started an online service website, automated and sold it in less than a year

Danny Sapio


Let’s take a look at how I started an online service website, automated and sold it in less than a year.

I learned why most service businesses fail before they get off the ground and what you can do to make your business run like a well-oiled machine. I tested strategies and, over time, developed a system that put my business on (almost) complete autopilot.

Before even making a website for my service business, I identified, tested, and validated my niche.


  1. I recommend reading “How I Went From Broke Shoe Salesman to Making $1,000+ per week on Fiverr” to fully understand how I tested the waters for my service business using Fiverr before taking the plunge.
  2. I’d also recommend reading “The E-Myth Revisited” by Michael Gerber, it will help you start a business that works for you instead of the other way around.

Let’s start by identifying a niche

Operating in a niche lets you be a wizard in that space and dominate the market.

Instead of starting a copy-writing business, I would start a business that writes copy for winter sports companies, for example. At first, I might narrow it down even further to writing specifically for snowboard companies. Why would a winter sports website want to hire a regular old copywriter when they can hire a highly specialized winter sports writer?

Find a niche, then find a niche in that niche.

Your goal is to have your target customer land on your website and feel as though your service was created specifically for them. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have only one specific customer; it can mean you’re providing a highly specialized service. For example, write kick-ass product descriptions and nothing else. If someone needs a blog writer, they can go somewhere else (for now, at least).