How I went from broke college kid to traveling the world as a Digital Nomad

By putting my education into my own hands, I was able to create incredible opportunities for myself

Danny Sapio
10 min readMay 25, 2018
Nomading in Innsbruck, Austria

While in my second year of undergrad, I was feeling stuck and confused about my future. I was working part-time, making $150 per week while accumulating debt pursuing a degree that I wasn’t passionate about. I hoped to achieve big things in my life but was unsure what steps I needed to take to get ahead.

I had just transferred to a much bigger university than my previous school and didn’t know anyone. To make matters worse, I was living in an off-campus apartment with a random guy who didn’t even attend my school, and I had to commute to classes every day.

My situation was the result of poor planning on my part, but regardless of how I got where I was, I wasn’t living the exciting college life that I had hoped or expected I would be.

Although I eventually made friends and acclimated to my situation, I knew that I couldn’t stand to remain in college for the duration of my 4-year degree. I knew I would have to face the reality of my situation, sooner or later. The truth that a marketing major wasn’t something I was interested in pursuing as a career and that I was only in college…