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When I started I didn’t delve too deeply into learning programming languages. I focused primarily on creating a great visual design and user experience. I accomplished this early on by using photoshop and illustrator but now I’m using different prototyping tools like Whimsical, Figma, Framer, Principle, Invision, and Sketch.

If you want to be a Product Designer / UI Designer / UX Designer / UI&UX Designer then there is minimal coding experience needed to do this role, although it can help you stand out if you have it. You mostly need to know how to create wireframes, mockups, interactions, and animations.

If you’re new to interface design then I recommend downloading Adobe XD (it’s Free) and begin watching tutorials on Youtube about how to use it. View some work on Dribbble as well and try to copy it. Once you’ve mastered the tools in XD try to create your own interfaces. You’ll inevitably feel limited with the possibilities here and need to learn new programs but XD is a great place to start.

Hope this helps ~ Dan

Co-Founder @ & Senior Product Designer @ Skookum —

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